Why Pencils?

Motivate Students with Promotional Pencils

A fantastic way to incorporate customized pencils in the classroom is to hand them out as student incentives. Many students are highly motivated to achieve and be on their best behavior when they are rewarded with a gift. Personalized pencils are the perfect product for this purpose. Our Best Value Color Pencils offer twenty color options and are so inexpensive that they will easily fit into any classroom budget. You can even customize your order of pencils to include a motivational phrase of your choice. Your students will not only be happy to receive their gift, but they will use it to complete homework assignments and create works of art…the use of a pencil is only limited by imagination!

Reward Teachers with Personalized Pencils

Teachers everywhere deserve to be rewarded. They work so hard to help children reach their greatest potential. If you want to give back to a teacher that has given so much to their students, we have the ideal solution. Personalized School Pencils will be a gift that your child’s teacher will surely appreciate. Each pencil can be printed with the teacher’s name and they will be thrilled to hand them out to their students.

Printed Pencils are Perfect for Fundraisers

If you are looking for an exciting addition to your next fundraiser, consider customized pencils to support your school or sports team. Choose the imprint, eraser, and ferrule color with our Mix-and-Match Color Pencils. These completely custom pencils will really spike their spirits. We can package them in sets of 5, 10, 20…virtually whatever quantity you desire. Kids of all ages will cherish these one-of-a-kind pencils.