Totally Custom Pencils

GOOD NEWS on our Custom Pencils! You can choose the color of EVERY part of this pencil! From top to bottom…create your own color combination.


Mix and Match Custom Pencils

Mix and Match Custom Pencils allow you to compliment your marketing message by choosing the best barrel, eraser, imprint, and ferrule color for your brand! They’re the best way to make sure your business gets noticed. Because these pencils are fully customizable, they create a unique showcase for your logo, company information and tagline.

Custom Pencils are an economical way to get your message into the hands of your customers. Each time clients reach for your promotional gift to jot down a note or write a list, your business’s information is on display. This unique gift may be small, but it makes a big impact!

Personalized Custom Pencils also make an exciting addition to any classroom. Their high level of utility and exciting color options make them popular with students and they are inexpensive enough to fit into any teacher’s budget. Choose colors to celebrate your school’s team, or to support the motivational message you wish to portray. Pencils are a great way to promote school spirit or reflect a teacher’s personal style. Because of their #2 lead, our Custom Pencils also make great tools for standardized testing.

Don’t need a custom eraser or ferrule, check out our most popular seller: Economy Pencils.

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